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The area has one to very the cooked wheaten food of characteristic makes cold range, cold face entrance is special muscle path is able to bear or endure chew, relaxed and goluptious, water of soup soup water is taken in acid not just sweet, and still contain saline taste, hot Chinese cabbage is arrogant on collocation the flesh or cucumber silk, the bright that can let people eat not only so, and the value of cold face is great also economy is substantial, cold face basically is choice buckwheat flour, can learn to learn these methods when make.

 Acid of Korea cold face is sweet practice


After cold face enters the mouth, withy be able to bear or endure chew, cool and delicate, soup soup water, slippery suitable wet one’s whistle, and among them hot, salty companion with acid sweet can draw exit water immediately, deserve to chew cold face dish again (Korea pickle, hot Chinese cabbage, beef, cucumber silk, the egg that boil, caraway) , appetite making a person soars. Additional, cold area economy is substantial, ordinary common people can be accepted.


Feed material preparation

Material: ? Prostitute of Bi of vent in the sides of a garment do some still rancor  of agent of ⒌ Gan Ji still does ⑹ of Suan of Hui  H stretch tight does ⑵ of thorium Bu excuse me return  of  ⒋ small ⒑ to exemplary does handsome @ benzene visit persimmon of the have a nightmare that return sparrow poisonous  of ⑽ of lofty of  of ⒕ of yo of Bo of ⑺ of Luo of ヂ of lowing ⒅ of Jin ⑾ Wen?

 Acid of Korea cold face is sweet practice

The measure that make

1, cut beef chunk dip cold water abluent, after be being put into cold water boiler to be boiled with flourishing fire, cast aside go the surface is float hematic foam, put soy and refined salt next, can change low baking temperature to stew right now.

2, hold green, carrot additionally in bowl is being put in tailor-made beanbag, wait for beef to be stewed completely ripe when, fish out, place chopping board to go up, wait for its when air is cool, cut small chip.

3, after filtering beef soup a bit, put wait for inside containerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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4, mix Qiao face, starch by certain proportion, iron a bit good side with boiled water, addShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Right amount alkaline hind, rub up is good, alternate becomes garden, put tailor-made crowded canister inside, fast suppress becomes noodle, immediately enters boiled water boil in boiler.

5, in cold water is being put again after noodle is ripe, pass cool, also have blow noodle with fanner cool, appropriate hind installs the desk on the bowl.

6, the season vegetable such as hot Chinese cabbage is put to reach on noodle 4, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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5 ripe beef, irrigate on garlic thick chili sauce (become mushy sauce) with agitate of face of mashed garlic, dry chili, water, put a fruit again next piece, egg silk, irrigate finally on beef soup, scatter on ripe sesame seed, drench on balm is become namely.

 Acid of Korea cold face is sweet practice

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Practice 2

Feed material preparation

Pineapple piece, cucumber cuts into shreds, sauce beef, cold face (can buy) in the supermarket. Korea pickle and appropriative face juice.

The measure that make

1, on one minute copies the cold range that buys from the supermarket in boiled water, fish out, after filtering in cold water, it is good to be put in preconditionA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
Face juice li

2, next again ordinal put all sorts of condiment, include: ?


Of 3 gist element- – soup. Glacial water, add the rice vinegar of some of acerbity acid, a few soy () of ten million Mo Duo, salt, candy, flavour element, silk of end of a few ginger, garlic powder, caraway, cucumber, above is must composition!

This is clear soup, is returning soup there is meat or fish the clear soup; that changes glacial water into bovine bone or beef is the standard of good soup: ? Does Piao of  of Se of sprain cub babbler consider Piao of  grave  to bear Lai of  of curtain of lie of blue oneself alkyne to shine make fun of   of Chinese catalpa of so aurelian ligature?