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In the evening when the light is a few darker, if be eyesight,not be very good do not want in the late evening when the baby that gives oneself trims nail, it is the flesh that can cut off them so, cause finger to get hurt, nail is trimmed when still wanting days the meeting is more a few safer, additionally oneself hand trims nail to them after disinfection again, after all hand ministry is to be able to carry a lot of bacteria, those who cause infection is meet happen when feeling them.

 Can trim nail to darling in the evening

Nurse new student when, want to notice sanitation, all should wash his hands before nursing every time, in case the bacterium of the flyblow on the hand leads a new life fineShanghai Long Feng forum

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Infection happens above tender skin, if paramedic has infectious disease or carrier,cannot contact a new student, in case new student suffer catch. Be like a new student when producing contagion, must keep apart cure strictly, the person that contact keeps apart observation. Anteroom yield a mother is in feedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Lacteal time should prohibit visit, in order to reduce a new student the chance that gets infection.

It is the skin that fingernail grew body of easy claw themselves to go up, especially face, auditive, the easiest by themselves claw.

2 it is to grow fingernail to shelter evil people and practices easily, the infant has absorb and the habit that take a thing to eat directly with the hand again, fingernail seams the mouth of dirty stuff engulf in in hind, often cause enteron disease and verminosis (the) such as ascarid disease, those who affect them is healthy.

 Can trim nail to darling in the evening

3 it is to grow fingernail to be broken off easily crack, cause finger needle to bleed, long fingernail is wearing sweater of the hook when the dress or line easily stillSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The line of the garment and the finger that pull an injury. Trim nail frequently to the infant so very necessary.

Because the infant’s fingernail is special fragile, the skin is very delicate also, love to move plus the infant, the parent or when the aunt trims nail to the infant, should notice the following at 4 o’clock:

1, should choose where a thing can be put to best use the fingernail with thin, good quality cuts face of fast, knife to trim nail to the infant, do not use general scissors, lest cut the hand finger tip of injury infant.

2, according to infant fingernailA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Growth speed, average a week is cut can, if discover fingernail has,break off crack, be about at any time clip. The fingernail on the foot is harder thicker, or molten of the nature after washing a foot, good in those days cut.

 Can trim nail to darling in the evening

3, the infant wants only it is awake, with respect to love chaos of hands or feet is moved, the clip after if be in,the infant sleeps soundly, much safer. A bit bigger child, can give them taletelling at the same time, trim nail to them at the same time.

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Shanghai Long Feng forum
, trim nail to the infant, the movement wants lightForum of Shanghai night net

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Fast, do not cut too much too firm, lest produce ache. Want to be cut some more pliably, prevent to cut those who take edge. The parent after be being cut should be touched with his hand, see fingernail section smooth, if not smooth, usable fingernail cuts the little file file that go up smooth.