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Chapter introduction

Of pregnant woman healthy the healthy be closely bound up with darling, pregnant woman is during pregnant check the doctor can inspect fetal healthy condition, in order to ensure the normal health of darling. Have the body that darling worries about via regular meeting after a lot of pregnant woman are pregnant healthy, this must go to a hospital undertaking yield check regularly with respect to requirement pregnant woman, if discover darling has,different often must be treated as early as possible, perhaps abort ahead of schedule. Be after be pregnant, always afraid and fetal so the problem does? Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Always be afraid and fetal insalubrious

One, be pregnant afraid darling is insalubrious

Good humor must maintain when be pregnant, not too nervous, not cranky, such word just is advantageous to darling. Darling is represented if moving lively, pregnant woman should notice good intention condition, do not pass bad state of mind to darling, but also need not too too nervous, now medicine so developed, what be still afraid of, going checking regularly is.

Always be afraid and fetal insalubrious

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2, howFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Know whether darling is healthy

1, time do produce check

The standard produces the intent of check, it is to understand the mother’s body to have the obstetric complication that how produces without the influence, assure a mother healthy. Spend first normally producing check is to be in pregnant begins to do when March, the 28 every other inside week are done 4 weeks produce check, 28~36 week lies between 2 weeks to be done produce check, 36 Zhou Zhi hind produce check once a week.

2, do appropriately move

Accurate mom is held, gem gal can make bottom of abdominal muscle, waist and the muscle by the basin get an exercise, make articulatory ligament gets relaxation, can add so produce power.

Always be afraid and fetal insalubrious

3, loosen state of mind

Accurate mom is pregnant period, can come to accurate mom campus attend a lecture, understand a lot of good points of natural about to give birth, buildFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Establish determination. Still can understand a few common sense in producing Cheng, so the nervous mood that conduces to conquer may appearing. Should believe to be in of doctor, accoucheuse help below, sure can smooth natural about to give birth.

4, face antenatal deposit brawn

Accurate mom is sure before about to give birth should notice put up for the night, prevent exhaustion. On food can the preliminary milk, chocolate food that adds energy. When necessary, can make up for the functional sex beverage such as Gong Niu appropriately.

Mom allows to be pregnant namely above a few more the following of needless concern, can examine baby completely through producing check actually whether healthy, accurate mom should maintain a good state of mind, have profit to baby development so, move to take a walk appropriately etc, of not OK and violent campaign, the time that produces check must make clear, do not want incur loss through delay.

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