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Years can remain deep impress on the person’s countenance, and the impress that basically stays is furrow, furrow can let the consenescence that a person looks apparent, for desalt furrow can make various treatment, go doing cure beauty to go to beauty parlour for instance inside besides these, still can undertake maintaining, massage what cooperate a few appropriate eye frost and desalt furrow again to protect skin to taste namely above all.

 The method of desalt microgroove

Does eye ministry have microgroove how to do? Of microgroove of ministry of relaxed purify eye Xiao subtle move

Daub maintains law

The product that fits purify law grain most is to have fight the eye frost product that knits a function. Because of these products mostly nutrition is rich, can the interior of cram cell, will cave maintain, decretal grain also can become weak gradually. Additional, still can be in eye film apply decretal grain place, of concentration be in compensatory nutrition for furrow.

Choose appropriate eye frost

Eye ministry skin very a rope for towing a boat is small, in choose nurse should notice more when the product. Should choose commonly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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With do not contain oil, contain vitamin E grain, becomes by extraction of natural plant elite eye department to repair protect article. Such ability avoid to stimulate eye ministry all round the skin, avoid moisture prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, let skin be in caress attentively below, become close solid and bouncy.

Do not want as far as possible long to electronic product

As the ceaseless development of science and technology, computer mobile telephone had become mainstream product. All day long of too much person plays computer mobile telephone namely, ministry eye has very great harm on computer radiate. Sit not for long consequently before computer, should lie between 1 smallFall in love with the sea1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Be opposite with the city touch

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The left and right sides ambulates more when ambulate, fall with clear bath facial.

 The method of desalt microgroove

Eat the food of high protein, tall vitamin more

Contain rich protein food, for instance hoof of jujube paste, pig, have to the skin the most natural moist and go knitting the effect, can make face bright and clean, furrow is extended. Vitamin E and ball of vitamin A cross-eye and eye flesh have alimentary effect, it can keep epithelial tissue normal function, arrive since from go up at all the function that improves eye ministry microgroove.

Eye of apply of cold hot water + gentleness had massaged 25 years old, eye ministry blood also becomes poor accordingly circularly, eye week resembles stagnant pond, very easy and foul a black rim of the eye, bloated or sallow phenomenon, and eye week skin raises part to battalion absorb also can become slow. So besides maintain daily besides the program, still can use cold, tepid towel (about 40 ℃ ) alternant apply skins in eye week, this means can make spirit sober not only, still can improve eye week to circulate bad problem. Still can match at the same time show the abdomen is massaged gently, loose eye week is lymphatic system, loop of ministry yielding a key point is smoother, better absorb nourishment.

 The method of desalt microgroove

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Film of eye of yoke of honey of DIY eye film, add spoonful honey with a yoke smooth, participate in a few olive oil again, can remove embellish skin anti-creasingFall in love with the sea

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effect. The proposal is done every week 1 arrive 2 times, every time 10 minutesA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Bell. It is OK that this each makes eye film skin of very effective moist eye ministry, the microgroove of ministry yielding a key point gets desalt. And the operation rises to go to the lavatory simply also.