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What after becoming oneself to lie one day on the bed, can feel oneself head is special is aching, because Morpheus is excessive,this basically is and cause, time of people first-rate Morpheus is to maintain control in 8 hours, it is to should not be too long, cause oneself easily to suffer from otherwise on this kind of disease, let oneself feel cerebrum is exceedingly dizzy with ache, can get even thinking activity very large block, must remember cannot sleeping quite so too long.

 Lie one day to headache how to do

1, paranasal sinus is phlogistic

Use fight n&v snuffle medicaments, demulcent medicine, antibiotic to have treatment.

2, cerebral ministry disease

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Refuse convulsions and osmotic diuretic treatment, go when necessary operation cure, cure should be changed to reach all right when diffusing like tumor put cure.

Having a headache is clinical in most constant symptom, acuteness headache often agitate gets a person feel restless, anguish can’ts bear, like that sufficient ministry is massaged however but a few minutes in it is painful to remove. Have a headache, people is used to take acetanilide piece, and collectShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Massage with sufficient ministry do not have side-effect already, and action is exact. Crural ministry massage therapeutics is a kind old and new rehabilitation treatment. Its traceable China, circulate to abroad. Because it is had,learn safely, handily, easily, the characteristic such as effective, economy, times get masses reception. In last few years, crural ministry massage therapeutics is in Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, United States to wait for more than 30 countries wide popularity.

 Lie one day to headache how to do

Preserve one’s health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, human body the vital organs of the human body has photograph correspondence in sufficient ministry, often wash a foot to be able to stimulate sufficient ministry point, can enhance hematic fortune, dredge main and collateral channels. Medical expert thinks, if often can massage the reflection area with sufficient corresponding ministry, can rise to circulate to stimulative blood, increase human body strength, the principle of health care of sufficient ministry reflex is the skin that stimulates sufficient ministry with pressure, so that be opposite,the other position of in-house viscera and body also had certain effect.

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A lot of as corresponding as viscera or body place photograph reflection areas, often massage sufficient ministry, it is to exercise crural ministry muscle, stimulative blood more loop, improve the health, enhance immune force, precaution and cure to have a headache a kind of of insomnia good method, arch concavity place is kidney Jing Chongquan acupuncture point, palmar heart caves be in is acupuncture point of palace of fatigue of pericardium main and collateral channels, if often rub arch, can alleviate effectively have a headache insomnia. Specific means is: Before sleeping, use stride easy motion firmly to massage annulus, sit on the chair of high moderate, loosen all over, double base is natural1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Flagging, walk in motion to massage annulus on around shift double foot can, do not pass forcibly fierce, should add gradually be spent quickly and increase strength, when using, should notice to choose motion to massage means alternately.

 Lie one day to headache how to do

But thin leg motion massages; or a foot does motion to massage, another foot does dormant point to stimulate massage; or double ability to walk to move reversely to athletic; or double ability to walk together. Want to insist to often be used, best everydaySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, massage 20-30 every time minute advisable. The treatment that permeates equably can be used when doing sufficient ministry to massage, with point to joint all force all fast massage, not be to blow the surface gently, also do not relapse to be pressed again in a place, strength is not overweight.