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Kidney bean is a kind of very common vegetable, this kind of vegetable is very good in quality and cheap in price, uric toxin is contained inside kidney bean for instance enzymatic and the nurture such as black glucoside is qualitative, these nutrient composition can enhance body immunity power effectively, enhance ability of human body disease-resistant, Fall in love with the sea

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the person should eat kidney bean more, the simplest eat a law to do kidney bean silk to fry the flesh to eat namely.

Does kidney bean silk fry the flesh how to be done? 3 kinds of popular ways teach you!

One, the practice that kidney bean silk fries the flesh

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Advocate makings

350g kidney bean


Right amount oily

Right amount salt

Shredded meat of right amount pig

Essence of right amount chicken

The measure that make

1. kidney bean goes head end is abluent.

2. cuts silk.

3. explodes the shredded meat that has fried.

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. Oil pours inside boiler, when the temperature rise that wait for oil comes 7 minutes to heat up

5. enters kidney bean to break up quickly fry

After 6. adds salt, break up fry all with.

After 7. adds right amount clear water, build go up conflagration 2 minutes

Shredded meat is entered again after 8. break up fry

9. adds chicken essence of life

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. Break up fry even hind flameout.

11. is installed pot

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After kidney bean cuts into shreds very tasty.

Can have in freezer exploded the shredded meat that has fried, can cook all sorts of food at ordinary timesForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Meat and fish dishes, after adding a bit shredded meat to carry delicacy more delicate.

Does kidney bean silk fry the flesh how to be done? 3 kinds of popular ways teach you!

2, the practice that kidney bean silk fries shredded meat

1. kidney bean picks wash completely

2. cuts kidney bean into silk so easy ripe

3. cuts the flesh into tiny bit

Put into right amount oil to heat in 4. boiler

5. puts shredded meat into oil break up in boiler fry

6. adds a few soy and warm water boil in a covered pot over a slow fire next one shredded meat

7. is put into kidney bean silk to join right amount salt next

8. is put into essence of right amount chicken

9. kidney bean silk also became angry now can give boiler

10. is filled dish in can enjoy cate

Does kidney bean silk fry the flesh how to be done? 3 kinds of popular ways teach you!

3, kidney bean silk fries the flesh / more practice

Choose of 1. kidney bean is good, abluent, cut filament.

2. lean lean cuts into shreds reserve.

3. chopped green onion has been cut reserve.

Bottom oil pours in 4. boiler, burn heat.

5. pours shredded meat to break up after oil is hotLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Fry moment, put stir-fry before stewing of chopped green onion to fry piece sweet.

Right amount soy turns over 6. cooking fry even.

7. breaks up into kidney bean silk fry to ripe soft.

8. enters right amount water, the baked wheaten cake in turning leaves, turn again small fire makes kidney bean is boiled make squashy.

9. conflagration receives juice, boil breaks up into right amount salt fry even can.

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1, kidney bean, hyacinth bean must cook completely squashy, otherwise easy bromatoxism.

2, so before have sauce join, join a few salt according to individual taste finally can.