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Pineapple fish also is the practice of a kind of commonner fish, grass carp can choose when choosing a fish, want to prepare right amount ketchup, the acid of pineapple fishiness path that such doing come out is sweet goluptious, not only nutrient value ratio is higher, still have very good appetitive, stimulative digestive action, in deepfry when, oil is lukewarm want a littleLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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A few taller, such avoiding that appear the circumstance that sticks boiler, before fish of additional explicit flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil best souse.

What is practice of pineapple fish the daily life of a family

Feed capable person: Grass carp is right amount, oily right amount, ketchup right amount, salt right amount, candy is right amount, peppery right amount, cooking wine is amylaceous and right amount, right amount.

What is practice of pineapple fish the daily life of a family

The practice measure of pineapple fish

1 slices of fish meat hits fine flower, with salt, cooking wine, peppery souse is controlled 10 minutes.

What is practice of pineapple fish the daily life of a family

2 drop do moisture, the fish wraps dry water with starch, preparation issues boiler blast.

Blast of 3 oily boiler.

The fish with 4 good blast.

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The ketchup below a few oil and candy break up fry.

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Drench the thin Gorgon euryale of a few.

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The ketchup of good Gorgon euryale drenchs on good in scamper fish.

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