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Love Shanghai is the same as a city
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In burning hot summer, temperature is ceaseless and elevatory, get the influence of climate, human bodyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Appear easily the symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat. And for the multitude that has the job for a long time to a few need in the outside, those who carrying the sun on the head is point-blank, the many sweat fluid of human body is secreted, appear easily also sweltering symptom, shift to an earlier date with respect to need at this moment a few more drinkable the symptom that the Shang Shui of clear hot detoxify will come to to avoid to suffer heatstroke, what kind does so clear hot alexipharmic Shang Shui have?

Qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic Shang Shui

Qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic Shang Shui

1New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
, soup of soya bean of pig tendons of beef

Material: ? Soya bean of? of herd of Xia Jing bracelet 39, oily, salt each are right amount.

Practice: ? Deficient A Chinese-style unlined garment people tendons of beef of pig of? of ∈ of  of Huan of Hou   is abluent. Put stuff into Cheng ShuiShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
stewpan, stew boil to soya bean ripe, cheer, salt flavors can.

Effect: ? Does nine of error of ⒔ of Jie of Jia soil  spell  ?

2, soup of red jujube celery

Material: ? Sweet Qin of? of Wu of go whoring of stir-fry before stewing 79.

Practice: ? Sweet Qin of? of honest of Chang of stir-fry before stewing goes root, leaf, leave a bine, abluent. The boiler below 2 kinds of food adds water decoction 2Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Ten minutes, flavor to be become namely.

Effect: ? Blame does  of  of ⒀ of float of the ⑽ that hang Mo collect Chi ⑵ reef to kiss Jia to take  of  of ⒔ error correct?

Qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic Shang Shui

3, soup of snow pear lean lean

Material: ? ├ ? , lean lean 4 2, apricot of north and south 3 money, hemp is yellow 1 money half, candied date or jujube 3, rock candy is extenuatory.

Practice: ? ? of humorous of  ├ Pi piece, go only heart and nucleus, need not flay. Put right amount clear water, with makings put Bao together inside, boil about 3 hours, add rock candy, boil 5 minutes again but drinkable.

Effect: ? This soup of? of error of Ran of ├ Wu Rui Jia can wipe foul smell long1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Cough and heat up sexual asthma.

4, soup of towel gourd lean lean

Material: ? Lean lean of? of the Guo that resist review 5 2, oily salt extenuatory

Practice: ? Towel gourd of? of honest of shipboard of be ignorant of cuts agglomerate account, lean lean section.

The Cheng Kuo inside Bao measures clear water, material is put together, boil about 1 hour, can flavor drinkable.

Effect: ? The another name for Guangdong Province that fight spare time blows steep? to enter classics of liver, stomach. Can clear thermalization is phlegmy, cool blood is alexipharmic.

Qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic Shang Shui

5, soup of gram old duck

Material: ? Pool? 2, old duck 1, earthy tuckahoe 8 money, oily salt extenuatory

Practice: ? Purify of? of honest of  saliva cangue is splanchnic. Tuckahoe of old duck of the along with after gram dip is washed clean, earth puts Bao together inside, with clear water 5 bowls, boil 4 hours about, flavor can.

Effect: ? Jia of eulogy excessive a surname circles? of  of  ⒔ dainty the scar opposite side and chicken pox also have curative effect.